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Just a Korean Feminist Tiktoker

Photography : Nicole Marnati
Just a Korean Feminist TikToker critiques traditional feminist manifestos in short videos depicting visual imagery and audio in the style of beauty influencers.

Through the continuing short video series, the autoethnographic inquiry touches on the designer’s role and agency as a creator to further question the mainstream narrative of what feminism is in South Korea.

Navigating the complexities and diversities within the feminist movements, Zayla challenges the gap between the online depiction and reality of feminism, re-encouraging to critically examine the impact of feminist ideologies on societal structures.

Accompanied by posters in an installation, it claims video as a renewed expression to advocate for gender equality.

Exhibited during the DDW 2023 
Medium- Tiktok
Video by Zayla Lee

Making online videos, provides an opportunity for artists to convey their perspectives and opinions on feminist ideologies. They are particularly suited to critique anti-feminist ideologies currently to be found in South Korea.

Beauty Tiktok videos uses visual imagery and audio elements to offer, at the same time, a thought-provoking critique of traditional feminist manifestos. Beauty Youtuber concept videos challenge the gap that exists between what feminism discusses online and reality. They furthermore encourage to examine critically what the impact is of feminist ideologies on societal structures.

Through these ongoing short video series of which Zayla Lee is the creator, she questions and challenge the current mainstream narrative of feminism in South Korea, highlighting the complexities and diversities within feminist movements.

Through Design Activist persperctive, Feminist manifestos are a form of expression that challenges societal norms and advocates for gender equality. This form of expression has taken on various forms throughout history. A new and innovative approach is through video. In this video format, beauty makeup videos are used to convey everyday life from a South Koreans’ perspective while presenting and encouraging critical thinking towards existing manifestos.